Holt and Lulu strives to provide effortless style...  Letting kids be kids, fashionably!

Staying true to her roots, Holt and Lulu is produced entirely in Washington state to ensure high quality standards and peace of mind envisioned by founder, Angie Anderson, a 10-year Nordstrom veteran and mommy.  her vision was to create really cool clothes in really little sizes...for kids...made super duper well!  

Geared to the modern parent with places to go and people to see.  tailored and versatile styles you wouldn't be embarrassed to go from playdate to a dinner party.   Bringing into play both the soft and tough innate each kid, Holt and Lulu intermingles feminine and masculine styles.  It's what makes up  Holt and Lulu's  dna.  Each piece is lined with comfy cotton for best fit and feel, minimal buttons and fasteners and best of all...machine washable!    

Who is Holt and Lulu?

Holt is hubby's middle name and Lulu is their daughter!  

What makes "made in usa" awesome?

QUALITY, quality and Quality!. 

...quality standards, quality work environment. wage and products!

Supporting U.S. manufacturers, employment and economy. 


Made in U.S.A.